This unbelievable summer is coming to an end and I can’t believe it. I’m going to miss this city, all the people I’ve met, and my day-to-day work.

I blogged and videoed all my experiences this summer so whenever I thought the time flew by fast, I could look back at these memories fondly. There would be no doubt in my mind I had made the most of my time in Seattle.

The last week is always the chillest. We had an upcoming demo, but otherwise the days were relatively chill and consisted mainly of tying up loose ends. The goal was to leave the project in a position where a full-time employee could pick it up to complete.

Early in the week, I went to a Camp Microsoft organized campfire at Golden Gardens. A lot of people showed up and there were so many food options — everything from smores to burgers and hot-dogs. I tried grilling a sausage on a stick over the fire but it barely cooked. A few feet from us was a dance circle with people playing various instruments. Someone was even fire dancing. Right behind the action was a glamorous sunset.

Campfire at Golden Gardens!

Wednesday was demo day! All the work we put in over 12 weeks culminated in one final presentation. The entire team as well as extended leadership was invited to attend and we walked every one through our progress and final product. The demo went smoothly and to celebrate, a few of us went kayaking. Our buddy, Vinh, joined the pod at Lake Union.

Kayaking at Lake Union with Vinh, Eleanor, and Cameron.

I definitely underestimated how tiring paddling would be and also how slow one actually moves in a kayak. It took us around 30 minutes to pass under a few bridges and get a nice view of the Space Needle. When we were trying to coordinate a group photo, I didn’t stop fast enough and hit Eleanor right in the stomach, pushing her off the boat. She fell into the water and lost her glasses. I felt really bad but couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. It took the help of some other people paddling nearby to help bring Eleanor back into her kayak.

Tired from the water excursion, we joined the rest of our team for dinner. We decided on getting food from Mr. Gyro’s and eating at Gas Works Park just in time for the sunset. We ordered a bunch of plates and sandwiches. The estimated wait time for the food to be ready was around 15 minutes, so we all crossed the street to get milkshakes from Dick’s.

My super cute team at Dick’s— this could be an album cover.

After packing up the Mediterranean food in to-go boxes and with milkshakes in hand, we headed to Gas Works Park. We found a nice spot on the hill and the sun was setting on our right. Golden hour was real and the pictures came out amazing.

Pod squad forever!

It was a lovely evening just chilling with the team, laughing, talking about the summer’s memorable moments, and talking about the foreseeable future. I’ll definitely miss the gang.

I had the pleasure to work with some truly amazing people.

On Thursday, I had my PM interview in the morning. I was up early because my initial time was set at 8 AM, but once I got to the building, I was told my interview had been moved to 10 AM. I was upset because I had woken up so early but made good use of the extra time — filling it with some errands, a quick nap, and some practice interview problems. I had two rounds of mixed behavioral and design questions and got the impression that I did fine. By the time I had finished, it was lunchtime. Kira picked me up from Building 111 and we carpooled to BJ’s Brewhouse, where we were having our last intern team lunch. This was also going to serve as a time for goodbyes for all those interns leaving, including me.

The last intern lunch of the summer.

I ate a tasty burger and pizookie and as we were finishing our last bites, the admins surprised us with gifts. Kanesha and Kelli are the best!

The next day was my last day at work — it was surreal, filled with all sorts of emotion: everything from sheer gratitude and joy to slight sadness. I had learned so much and it was time to say ‘goodbye’, or at least ‘see you soon.’ Before we were done for the summer, we were called into a conference room for final goodbyes from the team. We were met with one last surprise. The team had brought a cake and replicas of the World Cup soccer balls for each of us. The balls were signed with everyone’s names and were testament to all the minutes we spent together watching World Cup matches as a team. The gesture truly touched me and to this date is one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Our team gifted us a replica of the World Cup soccer ball.

Friday was also my last day with Neha. Her mom was flying into town for the weekend and my flight was early Sunday morning, so I wouldn’t get to see her again before I left. After work, we got dinner at Bai Tong. I hadn’t made any reservations, so I called to get on the waiting list while we were on the way and super conveniently our table was ready just as we arrived.

I had procrastinated using the vision benefit and it was my last chance to get a pair of glasses, so Neha and I headed to Warby Parker in U-District. I had been very indecisive about what glasses to buy, but I was running out of time, so I went with my gut and bought a pair of Milton’s.

The Warby Parker in U-District.

They are my backup in case my current glasses break. At this time, it was around 11 PM but the night was still young! We briefly considered going bowling, but it was 21+ that late at night. Instead, we drove to a roller rink, blasting Sloppy Seconds by Watsky and various Jon Bellion songs on the way. It was a great end to the night and just more proof of how great Seattle has been to me.

That was basically my entire week because the rest of the weekend was mostly packing and then finally boarding my flight back to Houston.

My last picture of Seattle on the plane shortly after take off.

This concludes my summer in Seattle and because I’m flooded with emotion, I want to take this time to thank every single person that made this summer amazing. To my roommates, Jarrod and Edward, thanks for making the apartment feel like home — it’s been so lit, from grilling on the roof to watching Coco to cooking all sorts of dishes. To my pod, Cameron and Eleanor, thanks for making work so fun and interesting — work has been the opposite of a drag all summer. To my team, Vinh, Jitender, Salah, and Krishna, thanks for teaching me so much while also being the chillest coworkers ever — you truly made my experience in Building 35 incredible. And finally to all the Microsoft interns that have come into my life, first and foremost Neha and then all the other friends I’ve made along the way, thank you for being you. If I had to summarize my summer in one word, I would say: people. That’s largely because of you all. Stay smart, stay cool. Cheers!