I got even more acquainted with the codebase this week and started feeling more confident in traversing a subset of the many files and folders by myself. In parallel, I also got better at using VS Code's features and shortcuts. Now, I barely touch my trackpad and feel like I've gotten the right of passage into the software engineering world. I also spent some time beefing up my terminal through a variety of installs.

Configuring my dev environment was a rabbit-hole because once I started I just wanted to keep going. At some point the lines between necessary and excessive started blurring and I had to stop.
Our theme of the day for this photo was pink and purple.

This week, Nick - one of the first few engineers at Gusto - was leaving to start his own company. He was such an iconic figure and had touched so many parts of the codebase and mentored so many people at the company. Like at any other high-growth startup, you can trace the history of almost any current employee at Gusto and find Nick or some other early employee's name eventually.

Nick also founded EEL, the team I'm now interning on. Because he was leaving this week, I wanted to sit down and chat with him for a bit.

At some point in my life, I also want to start my own company, so it's always enlightening to talk to those on a similar path.
Our theme of the day for this photo was hats.

On Wednesday, we all got together to watch the NBA finals game. We got permission to stream the game in the Garage -- the area designated for company-wide meetings and meals. Once the game was on the projector, other employees started joining us and a few interns even brought their friends.

Gusto is extremely chill with visitors which I think is awesome so people are always welcome to stop by during the day and for meals.
The interns watching the NBA finals game after work.

After the game, I headed home to play Scythe with my housemates and Ryan, a KP Fellow and engineering intern at Slack. I had met Ryan when I hosted a get together at my house last week and when he mentioned he played Scythe, I promised I'd invite him the next time we played – it's rare to find someone who knows the ins and outs of Scythe, a game that took me more than an hour to learn.

Ryan and my housemates playing Scythe together.

After playing lots of Catan and a couple games of Scythe these past few weeks, I am burned out by boardgames in general. For my sanity, I vowed to take a break for a little while.

On Thursday, while waiting for the other interns to join us for our daily themed photos, Zach, Eda, Kanish, and I just happened upon the most photogenic spot in the entire office: the grey couch near the reception. The lighting was perfect and all the colors were so vibrant and minimalist.

We found the best spot and time to take photos at the office - here's Kanishk and Zach casually modeling.

We finished up the week with another happy hour to welcome the new interns: Emily, Sneha, and Peter (who is also on my team, EEL)! After work, a bunch of interns came over to my place to watch the NBA finals game.

I made burgers for everyone and Jarrek said his burger was one of the best he'd ever eaten, so my cooking ego has definitely increased.

On a whim, Zach mentioned he was going to see Murda Beatz play at Temple, a club in downtown. No one had heard of this guy but Kanishk and I were intrigued. The tickets were $20 so we said why not and joined the group going. After people left my place, Zach, Kanishk, and I headed to Albert's house to chill before heading out for the Murda Beatz concert. Kanishk's friends, Jackson and Alyssa, also joined, along with many of Albert's friends from Berkeley.

Murda Beatz has produced tracks for famous artists like Migos, Drake, Lil Yachty, and Gucci Mane.

On Saturday, many Gusto interns, Jackson and Alyssa, and one of my friends from Houston, Mirayda, went to check out the Golden Gate Bridge. I hadn't seen Mirayda in forever so we had a lot of catching up to do.

It was probably one of the best days of the summer so far – the sky was clear and blue and the sun was up. There was also a breeze over the bridge which was nice.

The Golden Gate Bridge with the city in the background.

After crossing the bridge, we did a mini-hike to get to a vantage point. I had chosen to wear my Vans, which in hindsight was a terrible idea as we were doing a lot of walking. To make matters worse, I was wearing my no-show socks, so there was really no support anywhere. I got blisters on my ankle and got ready to brave the pain through the rest of the day.

We then made our way to Sausalito, a quaint town about 2 miles from the bridge, on the other side of the water from San Francisco. Before beginning our walk to Sausalito, we all said goodbye to Mirayda, who was going to watch a baseball game with other Facebook interns.

The view of the ocean from a vantage point across from the city.

As originally planned, we walked the whole way to Sausalito, following the highway route. At this point, everyone was pretty hungry, so we stopped at a small Italian restaurant for lunch. While leaving the restaurant, we met a couple who had just moved from Texas – small world!

The quaint town of Sausalito.

We walked around the town for a bit, gazing at storefronts and marveling at the cute houses and restaurants. Then, we got ice cream!

An ice-cream break after lots of walking!

We were all pretty tired in the late afternoon, so we decided to head home. It turned out ride-sharing was cheaper than ferrying. While waiting for our driver to arrive, we checked out a really cool looking alley. It didn't really lead anywhere but was worth exploring.

A candid of Alyssa in a cool alley.

Sunday was a lazy day – I woke up late and watched a lot of TV. In the afternoon, I met up with Kanishk, Jackson, and Alyssa at a boba shop near the Gusto office. We couldn't think of anything to do because it was so hot, so we ended up going back to my place to play Catan. In the evening I met a friend in Union Square and then watched some Psych at Kanishk's place in SoMa.

I'm glad I got to absorb the sun this week and get out of the house. The surrounding areas of SF are really pretty so I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I look forward to getting closer to the new interns and visiting more sights next week. Also, I'm getting into my project grind which feels great. Cheers!