I started off my fourth week by celebrating pride! All the interns wore different colored shirts and we took a picture in front of the colored balloons. We even arranged ourselves in rainbow order! In the evening, a bunch of interns stayed back to watch the NBA finals game on the projector.

My good friend from Rice, Gabe, visited for dinner and it was so great to catch up! He'll be in SF all summer so I'll definitely be hanging out with him again.

I also signed up for all my Gusto benefits this week. Our cutoff for commuter benefits is the 10th of the month, so I had to pick my option on June 10th for the month of July. There was so much information so we set up a meeting with the coordinator and she was so helpful.

In terms of code, I continued chugging along and worked on setting up a lot of the backend, GraphQL infrastructure.

Our theme of the day for this photo was shorts. Aidan joined in!

On Wednesday, after taking our sunglasses picture, we were informed that the waterline valve had been damaged in the area and needed to be replaced. Hence, the bathrooms weren't functioning. There was a mass exodus of people leaving to work from home and soon the office was close to empty. I chose to stay back as I really didn't want to have to cook dinner. I was lucky because the water returned earlier than anticipated, so I barely noticed anything was different.

During the week, the entire company got pride shirts. We were inspired so we recreated our all-Gusto shirts photo. Later that day, we continued our streak of watching the NBA finals games live. A bunch of friends of interns showed up so it was a party. I met some of Eda's friends and one of them - Jay - is a DJ who opened when Madeon played at Yale which was awesome.

Jay also knew Huimin, who went to school with me in Rio, which was crazy.
Our theme of the day for this photo was Gusto shirts.

On Friday, Lisa and I had an early-check in to make sure everything was running smoothly and I was enjoying my summer. We talked about my goals for the summer and my progress so far.

The culture at Gusto is really open so I feel comfortable talking to anyone. This has been an integral part of my summer and I'm really glad I'm working in such a friendly environment.
Our theme of the day for this photo was red. Kelly joined in!

In the evening, I got dinner with my housemates - Jarrod and Patrick - plus Ellie. We hadn't really hung out for real in a while, so it was about time. On most weekdays, it was almost impossible to find us in the house at the same time.

For dinner, Ellie had decided on an Ethiopian restaurant called Cafe Ethiopia in Mission. I'd never had Ethiopian food and was a little nervous I wouldn't enjoy the meal.

Kanishk said Ethiopian food was like Indian food with a twist.

I love Indian food, so now I was even more skeptical Ethiopian cuisine would live up to my expectations. Patrick was right though, I shouldn't compare cuisines and go in biased - that's the surefire way to tempt the self-fulfilling prophecy.

On the way to the restaurant, I stopped by Clarion Alley. The street art was really pretty and there weren't many people, so it was surprisingly calming.

A cool graffiti alley in Mission.

At dinner, we ordered family style: one vegetarian sampler and one lamb dish. Everything was served on injera - a spongy, sourdough-risen flatbread. The food was actually pretty good. The lamb was spicy and flavorful.

I will say, despite not wanting to compare the meal to Indian food, there were a lot of similarities. I felt like I was eating dosa with a variety of side dishes.

My first time eating Ethiopian food – dinner with the housemates and Ellie!

After dinner, we headed to Ellie's house, which I hadn't checked out all summer. We dropped off our bags and headed to a nearby bar. I don't drink so I chilled while everyone else ordered. Then, we headed home to play board games. I was sick of Catan and Scythe, so we played Splendor. As Patrick and Jarrod were explaining the rules, I realized I had done an interview question based on Splendor while recruiting last fall. I was only slightly triggered.

Saturday was the day my brother, Vivek,  was arriving! I was so excited he was visiting for a week. He didn't come to Seattle last summer when I was interning at Microsoft but I'm glad he made the trip to SF this time.

Eda came in clutch with a Lyft code worth $90 for trips to and from Corgi Con so I passed on the code to Vivek and told him to to meet us there.

A corgi at Corgi Con in all its glory.

We chilled at Corgi Con for a bit until Ingrid, a really good friend from Houston who goes to Berkeley, showed up. It had been forever since I had seen her in person so we talked for a while. She left to get boba while the rest of us grabbed lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. The lunch menu was really cheap so that was a win.

On Sunday, Kanishk, Jackson, Vivek, and I went thrift shopping in Mission. We walked down Valencia and checked out random stores.

A store in Mission had cool sock shoes. Maybe I should have bought these for Gusto.

We were supposed to meet up with Emily and Sneha - other interns from Gusto - but by the time they showed up, Vivek and I had to leave. Patrick had invited us to a friends and family Atlassian event. Technically, he had only put my name down, but we were able to get Vivek in too!

Vivek at the Atlassian friends and family event at Spark Social SF.

Atlassian had essentially reserved the entire Spark Social food truck area in Mission Bay. Once you were in the compound, your wristband got you access to unlimited food and drinks at any of the food trucks. Vivek and I ate so much.

I was on a mission to eat one dish at every food truck. By the end of the event, I had tried waffle fry nachos, shaved ice cream, poke, pizza, crepe and ice cream, and latte and brownie. I was stuffed.
There were so many food trucks with a variety of eats.

While taking a break from food, I raced Jarrod on toilet shaped karts. Later, my brother and I got matching dragon tattoos.

Vivek and I got matching dragon tattoos. 

There was also a place where you could make your own hanging plant. I thought it'd be cool to add some greenery to our house, so I went and made one. It was surprisingly difficult to wrap the string all around the solid but I got it done with some help. The lady said to water the plant once every two weeks so I'm going to try to keep that up.

I made my own hanging plant!

Thanks again to Patrick for inviting all of us - it was a lot of fun. Also, I got to try all the food trucks for free which was amazing.

Even though Ellie refused to take a silly photo, we made it happen! 

We were all exhausted by the end of the day and I was so full I couldn't even think about dinner. This week was such a blast and I'm so happy my brother is in town. I can't wait to show him the city and Gusto. Cheers!